PURSE MUSEUM 2  antique coin purses

PURSE MUSEUM 2  antique coin purses


 Antique Coin Purses  1790 - 1850

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PurseMuseum2.com is designed to bring a close up view to some of the small bags of the Georgian, Regency, and Early Victorian periods. To navigate, select a page from the topics on the left, or to continue, select: click to read more,  at the end of each section.

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Collecting antique purses is fun. It transforms objects into a time machine  that explores history, values, and cultures. As my original collection grew, the collecting space it required had to be considered. Please enjoy my solution: an intimate look at these early small bags from

The Purse Museum #2

they  are:

too old …too small…too wonderful

not to collect and share

DATING ANTIQUE COIN PURSES  late 1700s - late 1800s 

Often the exact date is hard find, and it is easier to give them time periods like Regency: 1795 to 1837, Georgian: 1714 to c. 1830–37, Victorian: 1837 to 1901, and Belle Époque 1871–80 and the outbreak of World War I in 1914.  

Placing purses in the context of a time period through novels, television programs, and research can also aid in identification. Jane Austin’s novels and movies are an example showing life in the mid 1800’s to early 1900’s.

other methods:

  • Materials used in construction example: pinchbeck frame
  • The type of clasp or closure: plain bar, or push button
  • Fashion books of the period
  • Printed lithographs
  • Museum artwork
  • Design patterns in publications & contemporary reprints
  • Museum collections 
  • Exhibits
  • Major auction houses past auction sales
  • Hallmarks
  • Books on Antique purses
  • Similar examples from major dealers 
  • Belong to a collectors group example: Antique Purse Collectors Society
a peek inside an early beaded small coin purse
a peek inside an early beaded small coin purse


Pineapple Purse Very Rare early 1800’s - PurseMuseum2.com
Pineapple Purse Very Rare early 1800’s - PurseMuseum2.com

Knitted Regency Era Pineapple Purse 

a delicious treasure

This is a very rare example of of a never used small Regency era Pineapple Purse. It fits nicely in the palm of a hand. It may have been for a child or a doll.


Grand Tour purses with Eglomise paintings 1840 - 1900.

Travel souvenirs with tiny paintings of famous buildings.

vicki Schwager owner: ThePurseMuseum.com